Reflections of Beauty

Cali Mykonos is found in Kalafati, where the lull of the Cycladic breeze, the silence of the Mykonian hills, and the sparkle of the Aegean Sea share the glamour of a destination for exclusive living.

Location & Distances

Nestled in the southeast region of Kalafati in Mykonos and resting above its exclusive beach, the location of Cali Mykonos is privileged. Jump in and out the action, remaining close yet comfortably tucked away from the island’s cosmopolitan center.

10 km from the International Airport of Mykonos
11 km from the Chora of Mykonos
13 km from the Port and the Marina of Mykonos

Arriving at Cali Mykonos

By yacht

Cali Mykonos offers a private dock to arrive aboard your exclusive yacht and enter a world of summer happiness in unique style.


By car

Easily accessed from anywhere on the island. Private parking and valet service are also available.


By helicopter

Land on property on our private helipad and start your journey immediately, or land at a neighboring heliport just minutes away from Cali.


By plane

Complimentary semi-private airport shuttles are available, as well as private transfers upon request.


By ferry

Complimentary semi-private port shuttles are available, as well as private transfers upon request.


Kalafati Mykonos

At the southeast part of the island, located just a few minutes from Chora, the area of Kalafati is a serene retreat, encircled by mountains and sheltered from the storied Mykonian winds. Cali Mykonos lies in an exclusive location in Kalafati to ensure nothing will distract you from your moment of serenity and privacy.

The Island of Mykonos

The gastronomy, fashion, culture, architecture and character of Mykonos become a true feast for all senses. Immerse yourself in the epitome of a genuine Mykonian experience and savor the pleasures of a magnificent island escape. Cali Mykonos is where your adventure begins.